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26 February   Austin Maddern   Temptation   Play  Download 
19 February   Tom Bosman   A Call To Persevere   Play  Download 
12 February   Ps Melissa Maddern   A Giving Life- Part 2   Play  Download 
5 February   Ps Melissa Maddern   A Giving Life- Part 1   Play  Download 
29 January   Tom Bosman   Spiritual Renewal Through God's Word   Play  Download 
22 January   Ps Melissa Maddern   God Is Able   Play  Download 
15 January   Joshua Dubowsky   Let's Equip   Play  Download  Presentation 
8 January   Ps Melissa Maddern   Stay The Course   Play  Download 
1 January   Ps Melissa Maddern   Reach Forward And Press On   Play  Download 
25 December   Ps Melissa Maddern   What Is Beyond The Manger   Play  Download 
18 December   Chad Sloan   God's Grace In Action   Play  Download 
11 December   Tyson Maddern   Hunger Of Salvation   Play  Download 
27 November   Ps Melissa Maddern   Garments Of Grace   Play  Download 
20 November   Chad Sloan   Discipleship   Play  Download 
13 November   Ps Ruth Swift   A Jonah Heart   Play  Download 
12 November   Ps Ruth Swift   Stand Strong In The Midst Of Confusion   Play  Download 
30 October   Tom Bosman   The Good Samaritan   Play  Download 
23 October   Ps Melissa Maddern   Stand Up   Play  Download 
16 October   Ps Richard Guy   Sons & Daughters In The Kingdom   Play  Download 
15 October   Ps Richard Guy   Healing The Orphan Spirit   Play  Download 
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